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Proper Noun: The Canteen

  1. The place at a summer camp, college or company where people come to spend time, socialize and see what’s new and happening. SynonymsHot Spot, Hangout.
  2. A really cool store in Westwood, NJ. A camp-themed, summer-loving, trend-setting tween/teen gift store and so much more! A place to find the hottest jewelry, games, pajamas, pillows, birthday presents, party favors, hostess gifts, toys and college swag…plus everything you need for your bunk, bedroom or dorm. 

Synonym: One-Stop Shopping, Favorite Store

The Canteen Story

    Rayna Pine worked in the  Garment Center for 20 years, then stayed at home with her two children for seven years, working part time wherever she could, including five summers at a sleepaway camp owned by family members. In August 2011, she decided to combine her experience in fashion and trends with her love for being a mother.

    Together with her friends, Lori and Andy Stern, who are sellers in the sleepaway camp supply business, Rayna created, a family-friendly gift shop that also specializes in summer camp. The Canteen opened in November of 2011 in Westwood, NJ.

    "I had young kids and I was away from them in the city, and I felt the need for a change.  I didn’t want to have regrets, I want to look back on my life and say I was there for my children," Rayna said. "I needed to reinvent myself."

    The Canteen is a place where people can come in and feel comfortable shopping with experienced staff to help find the perfect gift, party favors, and basic and unique sleepaway  camp supplies. The Canteen also has a talented in house airbrush graffiti artist who creates custom designs on sweatshirts, sweatpants, hi-top sneakers, hats and other accessories. Custom items are a specialty. The Canteen works with local and national vendors to provide personalized gifts for every occasion.

    From bedding and flashlights, hostess and teacher gifts, to personalized baby gifts and the latest trends, The Canteen is your one stop shop for it all.


    The Canteen
    277 Westwood Avenue
    Westwood, NJ


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