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Sun’s out Trunks out! ☀️ Packing tips from The Canteen

Sun’s out Trunks out! ☀️ Packing tips from The Canteen
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     Yes .... those camp bags are leaving ... starting this weekend!   Here are some last minute packing tips for you and your camper as they get ready for the summer of their lives!
- Use a silver permanent marker to mark anything dark or black!  Don't forget to use our permanent sticker labels on your toiletries items, miscellaneous  equipment, fans, flashlights etc.

- Try to send all of the same color bath towels and washcloths - so that your child knows what is his/hers. Buy thin towels as those are easier to dry on the line or in the bunk. Buy extra for the following year, as your child may lose some and then you will still have the same for the following year.  If you are looking for a special fun towel, check out our full selection online.

- Help save the environment and pack a water bottle and consider our Microban Collapsible Cups as an alternative to disposable bathroom cups.

- Buy a  shower caddy that doesn't have a solid plastic bottom. The water needs to drain out of the bottom, or it will be gross!  Send liquid bath soap instead of the bar soap - easier and will stay clean as a soap dish doesn't drain the water. It is better to send several regular-size bottles of toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, etc.) than one oversize bottle. The large bottles are heavy to carry and, if lost, they will have nothing else to use.
- For girls, don't forget to send nail polish in bright colors (it's a bunk activity!). Extra helpful hint: Nail polish remover is best in pad form or the small jars with sponges. Bottles of remover can spill and ruin whatever they touch.

- Pack several dryer sheets into the trunks (on the bottom) to keep the scent better for arrival, but hopefully, they will stay in for the return.

- If you are using 2 soft trunks - pack all the items you don't need to use at home first.  This includes sheets, comforters, blankets, egg crates, mattress pads, sleeping bags, pillows and towels.   These items may fit better if you ROLL them rather than fold them.  You can also intersperse your fans, flashlights, camp chair, Vacation Vault or mini trunks.  You may want to add any camp logo items, color war stuff, autograph pillows, lap desks, shoes, sweats, and jackets that are not needed at home.

- Include a note to remind counselors to unpack any side/front pockets of the trunk.  Also, if your child's bedding has an order you want it done (ex:  first mattress cover, then egg crate, then fitted sheet - write a note).

- Place more dryer sheets on top of the items before you zip it up.

 - Use one of the side pockets for your pre-packed shower caddy.  Tape all possible leaking items and place them in zip top bags before putting them in caddy and trunk. Don't forget extra batteries, shoelaces, or other required items.

- Pack all stationery items into a Clip Case or other carrier. Be sure to send a variety of stationery (both personalized and non-personalized). They love to trade. Include extra stamps, pens and pencils (easier for kids). Make sure to pack address & return address labels. We have Custom Return Address Labels available to order with your camp logo or many other designs to choose from! These return address labels will allow family & friends to easily read your camper's summer address so that they can easily write back!  We do not recommend putting postage on in advance as you may end up wasting postage on envelopes that are lost or never used. Group family member letters into mini zip top bags, so that the kids make sure they write to each relative and friend etc.  Don't forget to throw in some stickers as the younger kids like to decorate the envelopes and letters.

- Use the other side pocket for your prepacked bedside caddy (use side pocket for I-Lite and don't forget the tissues), Clip Case, or other foldable storage items. Surprise your child with a new book (or two), magazine, trading cards, stickers, jacks -- whatever you think might be a treat - especially if your camp does not allow packages. For girls (especially younger campers), send stickers and a sticker album - they love to trade!
Blue Stik

- You can pack Blue Stik (fun tack) to hang pictures.  Ask if your child wants photos of you or your pets, etc.  Sometimes they want them & other years they may not!

- It is nice to send at least one autograph item (pillow or pillowcase) so the kids in the bunk can sign it.
- Consider sending anything glow in the dark. It's always fun at lights out time!
- You may want to send an inexpensive water-resistant watch to camp. It helps the children to manage their schedule.
- In a second trunk, pack the clothes and shoes.  Follow the packing guidelines of your camp, but always take your child into consideration. For example, if he or she wears three outfits a day at home, you may want to send extra clothing to camp.
- Pack with your child. Be sure that they know where all of their items are located. A child may feel lost at camp if he/she can't find their soap, stamps, socks, etc.

- Pack all socks in our mesh sock bag or other bag to keep them contained.  You may want to send one extra of every item.  If your child has to unpack themselves, try to pack all like clothes together in a large zip top or other bag.  This will make unpacking much easier.
- Don't forget that if you send a favorite item - not only may it not come home, but your child will also not have it once your trunks leave for camp.  Additionally, your child may not be happy seeing empty drawers for a couple of weeks ... so try to have some extra items at home even if it means buying some new clothes. 

Greeting card campfire stickerbean- MAIL at l east one letter if not more before your child leaves, so that the mail is there when your child arrives.  Mail a pre-typed letter with questions you would love  answered and space for them to respond.  Include the envelope for them to mail back.  Greeting Cards with riddles, games, and sweet messages are other great options to a standard letter.

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