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    First time camper. Why schedule a camp appointment?

    First time camper. Why schedule a camp appointment?
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    So, you or your child has decided this is the summer to try sleepaway camp.  Who is freaking out more, you or your kid? You recall those sweet days of camp years ago, where you met your best friend, and you never wanted the summer to end. You lived, no existed, through the dull and dreary 10 months of the year, waiting for the freedom and glorious 2 months of camp. It will be great for your child, they will grow, try new things make new friends.” Rationally, you know this to be true, however you also know they are a very picky eater, a bit shy, and let’s not even discuss showering - which unlike the Olympics, is not a bi-yearly event, OMG! Maybe this is a mistake, they’re not ready. I’M not ready! read more...

    Sun’s out Trunks out! ☀️ Packing tips from The Canteen

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     Yes .... those camp bags are leaving ... starting this weekend!   Here are some last minute packing tips for you and your camper as they get ready for the summer of their lives! read more...

    Welcome to The Canteen!

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    Thank you for stopping by. The Canteen is a fun, lively, local New Jersey gift store and so much more!  Besides carrying the best gifts for people of all ages, we have the latest sleep away camp items, bedding, basic camp supplies, as well as a large collection of custom camp name merchandise.

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